Enterprise Solutions

The twin effects of globalization and the explosive growth of the internet has far reaching impact on all business - customer relationship.

Discerning customers have come to demand 'higher still', quality faster deliveries and customized products. The need of the hour is for enterprises to customer demands by building an integrated, responsive system which, as a routine, generates data, collates information and prompts for further action - responsiveness at every level, every function and every aspect of business.

Successful enterprise models incorporate customer profiling, segmentation, integration of all Business and Delivery Processes. This leads to significant reduction in lead-time for deliveries, continuous enhancement to the quality and customization of products and services, while retaining the economies of scale - for customer delight and retention.

Selective use of Best Management Practices and Information Technology tools as a part of Enterprise Management Strategy has definitely improved the competitiveness of the enterprise in the new age. Enterprise Solutions that have been successfully deployed are;

What is ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has been identified as the core of any Enterprise Solutions, aimed at enhancing competitiveness. It serves to integrate the functions, business processes and enterprise activities into a single entity and help optimize resources, enhance productivity, reduce costs and improve margins.

It also ensures that all the activities comply with the pre-qualified Best Business Practices, various quality standards like TQM, ISO 9000, GMP or FDA and supports information requirements for the latest management concepts like Just-in-Time (JIT) inventories, Activity Based Costing (ABC) etc. It also forms the backbone for the MIS requirements, SCM & CRM initiatives and Business Intelligence Systems.

A well-integrated transaction processing system, alternatively called, Enterprise Resource Planning Solution (ERP), is no longer considered a matter of choice for an organization. It is now a necessity.

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